Building Babylon


Thank you, again, for your dedication to the work of our Lord.

I have a problem with the time line regarding the return of Babylon to the status of a world center for commerce and government. What a tremendous accomplishment to build Babylon from what it is today to what it seems to be at the time of its destruction. When I find that it is all to take place during the seven year tribulation it seems impossible.

What are your thoughts on this? Where have I erred?


The only thing I can see is that since you can’t understand how it can be done, you wonder how God could do it. Remember, He is the one who said this would happen. He said that the anti-Christ would unite the world behind his goals, one of which is to place the center for world government in Babylon. Just how much could the combined talent and resources of mankind working in harmony accomplish over a 7 year period even without supernatural help? Can anyone tell?