The California Drought


Could the current drought be a precursor of a famine in the California breadbasket? A good portion of the food Americans eat comes from California. God has in the past punished a nation filled with immoral sexual activity, not to mention abortion, with famine. Global warming people are blaming mankind for the drought. However, I think God may be unhappy with our immoral behavior.


I believe the current drought in California can be seen as a model of what will come early in the time of God’s wrath. Rev. 6:6 speaks of the escalating price of food, and Rev. 6:7 says there will be famine in 1/4th of the world. This could be due to shortages caused by loss of production, and drought would be one of the most likely causes.

But the really big drought will come later as the two witnesses will shut up the heavens so there will be no rain on earth for the time of their prophesying, which will be 1260 days (Rev. 11:3-6).