Can A Prophecy Become Scripture?


A friend of mine wants to know ‘why can’t a prophecy today be considered scripture, if it is all inspired by the Holy Spirit?’


There are two reasons. First, Scripture is defined as the collection of 66 books called the Holy Bible. Since the time it was accepted (canonized) it has been viewed as complete and nothing has been added to it.

Second, the gift of prophecy, as practiced in the church today, is much different from the office of prophet, wherein God appointed a man to speak for Him on Earth, often revealing new aspects of His plan. The last person who held the office of Prophet was Jesus (Hebrews 1:1-2).

Today the gift of prophecy is meant to illuminate Scripture, not create or modify it. For that reason, it must conform to the Word of God as it’s already been revealed. In other words, it only helps us understand Scripture, it doesn’t become Scripture.