How Can They Believe This?


How does the Preterist justify Jesus’ Transfiguration ( His going UP into Heaven ) to really be His 2nd. Coming ( Jesus coming DOWN from Heaven ) ? And secondly, I know a Pretierst who believes this and therefore he must also believe he is living now in the Millenium. That just makes no sense ! How can a born-again Christian believe these things?


In the transfiguration, Jesus didn’t go up into heaven. He was instantaneously changed from His earthly form to His heavenly form while standing before the disciples. Even so, seeing this event as the fulfillment of the Lord’s 2nd Coming is a real stretch, to put it mildly.

Many Preterists don’t believe in a rapture, second coming, or millennium. They simply believe God will call a halt to everything one day, bring everyone back to life, and conduct a judgment. Those who survive will go into eternity, those who don’t will be thrown into the eternal fire.

This is a view that cannot be reconciled with Scripture, so in order to believe it, Preterists have to re-interpret many Bible prophecies. Fortunately, end times prophecy is not a salvation issue, so non-literal interpretations are not life threatening in the eternal sense.