How Can She Go In The Rapture?


I want to ask about my 29 yr old who was always the most loving, hugging child & she loved Jesus with her whole being, always participating in youth groups and other church related programs. Over the years she has morphed to where I could never have chosen. She is totally turned off by Christianity/the church of today. She blames the fall of a well known creationist for her loss of faith in Christianity and the Bible, including teachings of creation vs. evolution. She now believes that science based philosophies/theories are more provable, visible & believable than the Bible. I agree with your position on OSAS and know the word says that if you bring up a child up in the way they should go, in the end they will not depart from it, but how can she renounce her faith & still be saved & go in the rapture?


No one’s faith is destroyed by the actions of another person. Our faith is in the Lord, not in mankind. Therefore, blaming the mistakes of someone else for her loss of faith is an excuse, not a reason.

Research shows that a majority of young people who were faithful as teenagers spend some time away from the church as they mature and may even deny their faith for a while. Most of them eventually return.

Regardless of your daughter’s past behavior and her current statements, there are only two alternatives here. Either she is forever saved or she was never saved. And just as you could not have known for certain if she was really saved when she acted like she was, you can’t know for certain that she is not saved when she is acting like she isn’t.

The Bible advises us not to judge another person because outward appearances are not reliable indicators of the hidden motives of a person’s heart. Only the Lord is able to determine these things, and when the time comes He will take those who are His regardless of what they’ve been saying or doing.

You’ve done what you could do in raising your daughter. Now it’s time to keep her in prayer and continue to trust the advice of Proverbs 22:6;

“Train your children on the way they should go, and when they are old they will not turn from it.”