Can I Be Forgiven?


I have never asked this question before or told anyone about this, but it haunts me daily. Do we know how or about what we will be judged? I know it says not by our works and that we will have eternal life if we believe. I do believe and I am a good faithful and practicing Christian woman but when young I went through what was probably post- partum depression and abused my baby.

This baby is an adult now and has had a drug problem most of his life, but is saved and a believer too. I feel very guilty. I cannot imagine that I would be forgiven for this sin against an innocent child. Even the Bible says that “woe be unto those who harm them”. So what is your advice for me? I don’t just want comfort, just the truth.


The Bible says that Jesus was sacrificed once for all time. That means that every sin committed by mankind from the beginning of time to its end was paid for at the cross. Our only response is to accept and believe this. Those who do are forgiven and saved from sin’s penalty. “Therefore there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus.” (Romans 8:1)

He knew of your sin before He created the Earth, and when He went to the cross He took it with Him. With the blood he shed there, He washed you clean of all your sins including that one. There is only one sin that you could have committed that God would find unforgivable, and that’s the sin of rejecting Him and refusing to accept the pardon His death purchased for you. And since you didn’t do that, your forgiveness is complete in His sight.

But there is one thing you must do for your own good. You must forgive yourself. It sounds like our old enemy Satan is using your guilt to oppress and defeat you. This prevents you from achieving the full measure of God’s plan for your life and receiving the blessings He has stored up for you.