What If I Can’t Answer?


One thing that has always made me wonder / sort of worry is when are facing Jesus Christ in Judgment ( like if we were to die) and he asks us ” why should I let you into the the kingdom of heaven”? I’m wondering what if I’m so tongue tied, and freeze up and cannot answer him and stutter? I’m afraid I won’t know what to say even though I know my answer would be ” because I accepted your payment on the cross for my sins, and put my trust in you alone”. I’m just afraid I will be so caught up in the glorious feeling, I wont know how to answer the Lord.


You can relax about this. The question, “Why should I let you into the Kingdom of Heaven?” is a hypothetical one. It was developed by men as an evangelism tool, meant to spark a discussion with a nonbeliever. The Lord will never ask you or anyone else that question because He already knows the answer. From the creation of the world, He knew you would choose to be His and He made a reservation in Heaven for you at that time (Romans 8:29-30). He’s been anticipating your arrival ever since.

By the way, when you stand before the Lord on that day, you will no longer be your earthly self but will have been transformed into your glorious heavenly self. We don’t know what that will be like, but we do know that no part of our earthly inhibitions and limitations will accompany us to Heaven. Instead we’ll be like Him (1 John 3:2).