Carrying The Ark Of The Covenant


Recently at a Bible study I attend, it was mentioned that the Ark of the Covenant was a very heavy object and that it required supernatural strength in order for the four men to carry it between them on the poles. I did some research online and have come up with calculated weights for it ranging from 188 lbs up to 4000 lbs, needless to say, that is quite a discrepancy. My question is, do you think that it actually was heavy enough that God had to provide the carriers with increased strength in order to transport it?


The Bible makes no mention of the necessity for supernatural strength to carry the Ark of the Covenant. I found some pretty detailed research indicating the total weight for the Ark and its contents were about 183 pounds. There were rings for fitting carrying poles on each side of the ark. One man was assigned to each end of each pole. Each of the four men carrying the Ark would have born a weight of about 46 pounds, which would not have required supernatural strength to manage.