Casting Out A Demon


In Mark 9:14-29 is Jesus saying that the unclean spirit in the boy can only be delivered through prayer and fasting only. Is this applicable in our day or do we have the authority to expel a demon?. If we were to pray and fast, will Jesus remove the demon without expelling it ourselves? What happens if the person is hostile to any sort of ministry?.


Prayer and fasting are ways to gird ourselves for battle. They build up our spiritual strength. Some spiritual battles are tougher than others, and Jesus was telling His disciples that the demon they were up against had great strength and would be difficult to dislodge. Jesus cast out the boy’s demon because He had sufficient strength then and there and didn’t need to go and prepare Himself like the disciples did.

If you’re asking about casting a demon out of an uncooperative person, forget it unless you’ve been specifically called to a deliverance ministry and are adequately prepared. Read Acts 19:13-16 to see why.