Christ In The Psalms


Just now I was reading Psalm 18 and was struck by something. In some Psalms the writer seems to be prophesying Jesus hundreds of years later, for example his punishment, torment, piercing, and death.

Psalm 18 seems to me to be more reflective of the life and future reign of Jesus than that of David. The cords of death entangling him, his blamelessness, crushing his enemies, and ruling over the nations.

I am obviously no Bible expert, so that’s why I’m asking you, but to me this Psalm tells the story of Jesus from his time as a man until whenever he comes again (which is “soon”). If I’m retreading old ground it’s no big deal, but I was surprised how clearly this all jumped out at me, and would like your opinion. Thanks, for everything you do on this site.


David’s psalms are often laced with Messianic prophecy:

Psalm 22 speaks of His Crucifixion,

Psalm 23 about the Church age,

Psalm 24 about the Kingdom,

Psalm 45 about His marriage to the Church,

Psalm 69 about his rejection even by family,

Psalm 88 about the night of his betrayal, and so on.

That’s why Jesus, when He appeared to the Disciples after His resurrection, showed them everything that was written about Him in the Law of Moses, the Prophets, and the Psalms (Luke 24:44)