This Christian Walked Into A Synagogue


Why don’t Christians walk into synagogues at all to preach about Christ, as Paul did in the book of Acts? Or is this just “unacceptable” in today’s culture? Maybe some do, but I haven’t heard of any. Thanks again for your ministry!


I think a careful reading through the Book of Acts will show that Paul always went to the synagogue first upon entering a new town or city because he was a Jew. I also believe he was normally asked to speak, sometimes going back several times. It was only after they rejected his message that he went among the Gentiles. Also, for a good part of Paul’s ministry, the Church was not considered to be a separate entity. Christians and Jews often shared facilities and at the beginning even sat in the same services.

For a gentile Christian to walk into a Jewish synagogue and start preaching Jesus today would be considered an improper intrusion on their privacy.