Christians Being Persecuted


Years ago as a new believer I had a series of dreams about the end times. In one I was living in some sort of camp where men and women were separated, and another where we were being hunted down in destroyed homes to be killed. There is hostility at every turn in our country and I’ve been wondering if you think we could find ourselves as Christians placed in camps and hunted down like this, or do you think it could have been dreams of the tribulation?


Things like this are already happening in parts of the world. And I believe that Christians and others who are deemed to be “anti-government” will one day soon find themselves subjected to this kind of treatment in the US as well. The fact that legislation is being passed, camps are being built, and surveillance is increasing are indicators of this. But I think the conditions you describe will more likely occur during the time after the church is gone, and will be directed toward post-rapture believers.

For two centuries the USA has been hailed as a bastion of religious and personal freedom. I see the preparatory actions now being taken by our government as a sign that this will no longer be the case in the days ahead. To me it’s another indicator that the age of the Church on Earth is quickly coming to a close.