Christians In The Great Tribulation


For those left behind who ultimately come to Christ after the Rapture, what scripture or thoughts might you have regarding self defense ? Being that the world will quickly go crazy, overt violence the order of the day, then too the mandate which will lead to the persecution of Christians those refusing the mark of the beast, bodies could stack up like cord wood. I have to believe that not all Christians will want to go quietly as sheep lead to the slaughter. Admittedly, the overwhelming power of the Anti-Christ will be daunting to say the least; but still are not those left behind charged with the responsibility to fight till the end?


According to Rev. 14:9-13, the time of the Great Tribulation will be particularly dangerous for Christians on Earth. They won’t have the ability to earn money, or even buy the things they need with the money they have. Christianity will be against the law, and if arrested they’ll be given the choice of taking the mark of the beast or be executed. If they take the mark, they’ll lose their place in God’s kingdom.

But I haven’t found anything in the Bible that calls for Christians to rise up in opposition to the anti-Christ, or mount a resistance movement against him. In fact Rev. 14:12 calls for patient endurance on the part of the saints. So I don’t believe they’ll be responsible for fighting him, just for refusing to worship him.