Christmas Criticism


First, thank you for your website.
Glancing at some of your articles/questions, I see that you (as we) understand that Yeshua was born at Sukkot. In your answer to one question, you went so far as to say that you have suggested giving Christmas back to the pagans. In our home we’ve done just that, celebrating the Feast of Tabernacles instead (as gentiles).

Since, the OT tells us that one day all nations will celebrate Sukkot, I wonder what are your reasons for continuing to promote the old Christmas tradition through some of your articles.

I have no right to judge the traditions of others, but I do think it might be very serious and important that people abandon these pagan-rooted rituals and honor the feasts. Hence the question, since your constant use of the word Christmas promotes clinging to that tradition.


Thank you. I actually prefer Rosh Hashannah over Sukkot as the Lord’s birth date, but don’t make a big deal out of it since they’re only 15 days apart.

In nearly 3000 articles, studies and answers to questions, I believe the word Christmas appears on our site about a half a dozen times, and never in promotion of the Dec. 25 holiday or its pagan traditions. I write articles about the Lord’s birth at Christmas time because that’s when people are receptive to such things, and I can describe what really happened according to the Bible, and when it probably happened.

Two articles that are relevant to Dec. 25 are, 1) a suggestion that we give that date back to the pagans, and, 2) to make the point that Jesus was probably conceived around that time in defense of the fact that life begins at conception.

I would hardly characterize this as promoting Christmas traditions or making constant use of the word.