Chronology Of Judgments


I recently signed up and love the emails and the site. You are so knowledgeable and helpful. You have cleared up a lot of my foggy thinking about the end times. I am wanting more scriptural support for something you wrote (and I agree with). You said that the seals and trumpets will be in the first half of the 70th week and then a long pause in the second for the Antichrist to do his worst, and then the bowls right at the end. What scriptures point to this division (specifically for each of the three judgments -seals, trumpets, bowls).


I believe the Book of Revelation is pretty much Chronological. Six of the Seal judgments take place in Rev. 6 with the 7th in Rev. 8:1, six of the Trumpets are in Rev. 8-9 with the 7th in Rev. 11:15-8. The Great Tribulation begins in Rev. 13 when Satan is cast to Earth and indwells the anti-Christ, and the Bowl Judgments begin in Rev. 16. I didn’t say there would be a long pause between the introduction of the Anti-Christ and the Bowl judgments, only that one happens in Rev. 13 and the other begins in Rev. 16