Clean And Unclean Animals


I know that the declaration of some animals as unclean by God was to prevent disease. Is it also possible that certain animals were listed an abomination because Satan broke laws, unknown to us, when forming these creatures? Or maybe after the Flood, he continued his genetics program and the unclean animals lost their perfect assimilation of genes and therefore were declared unclean. Why do you feel certain animals were listed as unclean, or even worse, an abomination?


I believe some animals were declared unclean right from the start, or at least from after the fall. These were the bottom feeders and scavengers who were known to carry disease. Until the Flood, man was vegetarian so it didn’t matter, but Genesis 7:2 tells us that Noah knew which were which, being instructed to bring 7 of the clean animals but only 2 of the unclean.

After the flood, when the eating of animal flesh was introduced (Genesis 9:3) the prohibition against eating unclean animals was for health purposes and explains why observant Jews had life spans in excess of 3 times the average Egyptian. A good book on this subject is “None of These Diseases” By Dr. S.I. McMillen.

It’s important to understand that many of the Laws contained in Leviticus were part of the Hebrew culture long before Mt. Sinai and were simply formalized there.

Animals like the dinosaurs were called abominations because they were most likely products of Satan’s genetic tinkering.