Comparing Matt. 24 And Luke 21


I’m trying to reconcile Luke 21 and Matt. 24 to each other, but they seem to be telling two different stories. I know the bible can’t contradict itself. Am I doing something wrong?


In Matt. 24: 3 the disciples asked Jesus 3 questions. “When will this happen?” referring to the Temple’s destruction, “What will be the sign of your coming?” referring to the 2nd Coming, “And of the End of the Age?” referring to the events leading up to the Kingdom Age.

In Matthew’s account there’s no answer to the first question, only to the last two. Luke began his account the same way as Matthew and Luke 21:8-11 concern the End of the Age. But in Luke 21:12-24, the Lord backed up to answer the first question, so that portion of Luke’s account deals with events leading up to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. Then in Luke 21:25-35 He continued with his prophecy about the end of the Age, inserting a final warning to the disciples in verse 36 concerning the first century destruction of Jerusalem.

Once you understand these differences you’ll find the two accounts fit together quite well.