Confessing Past Sins


What does the Bible say about a person’s past sins? What I mean is, I know that I am forgiven through my faith in Jesus and that God does not hold my sins against me any longer, but what about humans- what about the church? I am currently going through a situation where an ex-friend wants to tell the church of my past so that the heat can be taken off of her current sinning lifestyle. She knows that I have had experience in the area that she is sinning, and because she is feeling like people are judging her for her sins she wants to tell them about my past.

My fear is that I will be judged for my past- judged for sins that I have committed without seeing that I am a changed woman. So far she has not mentioned anything, but I am wondering if I need to confess my past sins to our mutual friends now or do I wait and see if she says anything then talk with them about it. Right now she says I’m denying my sin to others because I refuse to be revealing of my past to others. Like I said- this is all stemming from the fact that she confessed her sins and now is feeling the heat from the reactions of those around her. Any help is appreciated. Thanks so much for your time!


Sounds like a case of misery loves company. I don’t think a person’s past is anyone else’s business, especially if it involves sins that you’ve confessed and received forgiveness for. It may be embarrassing if it becomes public, but it should be clear to anyone who cares to look that you’ve changed. It could even become a witnessing opportunity for you to tell how the Lord delivered you from your past. Remember Peter, who had to live with the sin of denying the Lord, and yet was a great apostle for Him.

Stop worrying about things you can’t control. Put this all in the Lord’s hands and let Him determine the outcome. Don’t go around confessing, but don’t deny anything either. Your obedience to His plans for this will be rewarded both in this life and the next.