Confined To The Temple?


I have a question regarding the Philadelphian church. Verse 12 is talking about the overcomers, and saying that they will be made a pillar in the temple of my God and shall go no more out. This kind of sounds like the Saints in the new Jerusalem (Church) will stay in the New Jerusalem. I have always thought that the Church could visit earth, or go where ever they wanted to go in their glorified body.


The phrase translated “go no more out” in Rev. 3:12 can mean to leave of one’s own accord or be expelled or cast out. The Lord was saying we’ll always belong there, not that we’ll be confined there. Being a pillar of the Temple is like being a pillar of the church or a pillar of the community. It’s a manner of speaking that means each of us will be an essential part of it.

Also, in Rev. 21:22 we read that there is no Temple in the New Jerusalem because the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are it’s Temple. This tells us the Temple Jesus was talking about in Rev. 3:12 is a spiritual one not a physical one. It’s an extension of our eternal security. No power in Heaven or on Earth can ever change our position with the Lord.