Confused About Voting


**Note: Jack wrote this many elections ago. But it’s timeless advice. ♥ Samantha

I’ve read some articles on Christian websites saying Christians should not vote at all this time because neither candidate truly represents our values. But others are just as adamant in saying we should vote for the candidate who is most representative of our values. It’s so confusing. What do you think?


We’re not picking a person to lead our religion—we’re picking a person to lead our country. Because of the interdependency of the world’s economic and political systems, it takes a person of exceptional skill and experience to lead our country effectively. In our lifetime, we’ve seen several examples (both Christian and non-Christian) of the incredible price we pay for making the wrong choice.

In my opinion, we should evaluate each candidate’s capabilities as demonstrated by their past performance, along with their character and personal value system, and support the one we believe to be the most qualified to do the job we’re asking him to do. Failing to vote at all could actually benefit the candidate we think is least qualified.