Controlling My Thoughts


Does God know the intentions of my thoughts, meaning does he know where they originated from? I guess a better question is can I know? I get some very very terrible thoughts that come into my mind often, and sometimes think that I must want them to come in. I love the Lord and I really want these thoughts to stop.


Although most people are not courageous enough to admit it, I think this happens to just about everyone.

These thoughts come from Satan, who can plant ideas in our mind through our sin nature. That means having the thought is an attack that must be repelled. These thoughts don’t become sins unless we accept them into our minds and consider them. 2 Cor. 1-:3-5 teaches us how to deal with them. Satan doesn’t like wasting his time, so once he knows you’re serious about defending your mind against these thoughts, he’ll leave you alone. James 4:7 says that if you resist the devil, he’ll flee from you.