Corporal Punishment In School


I am so blessed that I’ve found your website, reading topics about corporal punishment really enlightened me regarding this issue being imposed in the homes. But how about in schools? Do administrators and teachers have the right to impose corporal punishments as detentions to the students? Forms like squatting, raising of both arms while standing for a long period of time (20 min-1 hr), staying under the sun, missing snacks and luches, staying in the stockroom as sanctions. My kids are enrolled in a christian school and they uphold to their belief in Proverbs 23:14. They have abolished spanking as punishment but now replaced it with squatting and raising both arms for a long period of time. Some of the children doesn”t want to go back to school anymore because of these kinds of detention. Hope you can shed some light on this. Thank you and God bless!


When it became unpopular (or in some places illegal) to impose physical punishment on children, some decided to obey the letter of the law but not its spirit by inventing ways to cause pain to children without actually striking them. The Lord, who judges us by the intent of our heart, is not fooled by this and will hold those people accountable. The things you mention are some of the milder punishments they have come up with, but in my opinion all are forms of psychological if not physical torture.

I subscribe to the view that if the plain sense of a passage makes common sense, seek no other sense. In the case of Proverbs 23:13-14 the plain sense does not make common sense. There is no verifiable connection between beating someone with a rod and the prevention of physical or spiritual death as the passage in its literal sense seems to imply. The only predictable results of such extreme punishment are resentment and rebellion. Therefore the verse is being improperly applied when used to justify corporal punishment.