Could This All Happen Again?


Lucifer, a beautiful creation (at that time), a cherub of the throne of God and yet in all the perfection of heaven, sin was found in him, now we who have lived our earthly lives in nothing but sin and saved by the grace through faith of Jesus, will enter into Heaven’s perfection . Will there be a chance sin could be found in any of us? Or will all evil be destroyed when Satan in cast into the lake of fire.


All sin originated with Satan’s rebellion. Angels who followed him did so at that time as well. There hasn’t been another rebellion in Heaven, nor is there any indication that other angels have changed sides since. The seven thousand years covered in the Bible chronicle the Lord’s plan to reverse the effects of sin. My guess is that when all is said and done all sin will have been purged from heaven and earth, and we’ll enter an eternally pure environment that no one will ever contaminate again.