Covered By The Blood


I was having a conversation with a bible study teacher from my church. When I said “covered by the blood” he said that I was not “theologically correct.” I was confused and he went on to explain to me that there is no blood to be covered by. Then he said the blood of Jesus was spilled and it is no more. It was a sacrifice before God and we are right with God because of it but we are not covered by it. Now, I believe that we are right with God only by accepting what Jesus did on the cross as payment for our sins and He purchased our salvation. My question is what about the scriptures that talk about His blood cleansing us?


The phrase “covered by the blood” is a euphemism. It’s similar to the other euphemism you referred to, that of being “washed in the blood.” Neither one of these phrases is meant to be taken literally, as your teacher seems to have done. Both are meant to describe the effect of accepting the Lord’s death as payment for our sins.

Saying we’re covered by the blood means we know the Lord’s death on our behalf protects us from the penalty we would otherwise deserve for our sins. In other words, He’s got us “covered.”

Saying we’ve been washed in His blood means we know His death has “cleansed” us of our sins. Both phrases are theologically correct.