Curses On Buildings Or Land


Thank you for this opportunity to ask you questions, I value your wisdom.

My question is: There is a teaching that on some buildings and land there are curses because of the activities that have been carried out on the site, and these must be lifted by ‘spiritual warfare’ type prayer (applying the blood of Jesus etc). What is the Biblical position on this for New Covenant believers? Thank you.


I’m familiar with this practice, and don’t believe there’s any specific Biblical reference on this. That said, I’ve participated in prayers of anointing and blessing in buildings where the intent is to set them apart for Kingdom use. The Book of Exodus tells us that Moses and Aaron did this at the Lord’s command when consecrating the Tabernacle.

On a few occasions, I’ve been asked to pray in buildings where Christian occupants had discovered something about a building’s former occupants or its past usage that made them suspect the possibility of demonic mischief. Each time, after we walked around and through the building anointing its doors and windows, the owners expressed relief, and never reported any subsequent problems.

If I was going to occupy a building that had been used for purposes at odds with Christian principles, and wanted to use it for the Lord’s work, I would “sweep it clean” with prayer and anointing as a precautionary means, if nothing else.