Daniel In The Critic’s Den


When was the book of Daniel written down? Was it written by Daniel or someone else? You said that chapter 11 was the most heavily verified chapter in the Bible. Can you explain to me how it was verified?


Because of its astonishing record of fulfilled prophecies (over 100 in chapter 11 alone) the Book of Daniel has been subject to much critical review. But claims that it was written by others long after the fact are only promoted by those who insist that predictive prophecy is impossible, even for God.

Daniel mentioned himself several times in the book, Jesus attributed the book to Daniel (Matt. 24:15) and both the Hebrew and Aramaic language structures of the book support the traditional completion date of about 530BC.

We know this because authenticated Dead Sea Scrolls from the 2nd Century BC (when late daters claim Daniel was written) show that a number of the word forms Daniel used were already long obsolete by then.

For a more detailed account of the effort to discredit Daniel’s authorship and the Biblical and historical rebuttals read “Daniel in the Critic’s Den” by Sir Robert Anderson.