Day Or Hour. More Follow Up


I’ve been reading your articles again and I do greatly enjoy your knowledge on the Bible and end times. I have one question on 1 Thes. 5:1-4. If this is speaking of Jesus return to earth then it is after the rapture, correct? so when it says, “But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.” are we who have been caught up in the rapture already in heaven, thus “but you, brothers, are not in darkness.”

I will admit, I am a bit cautions about the idea of predicting a year or range of years for the return of Jesus in the clouds to rapture us home. Not that I don’t have an idea, or even agree with your speculations of about when this event will happen. But I am a believer too, and read the Bible much and often, so I look forward to that day.

My worry is about unbelievers who watch or read or listen to more specific predictions of times and then they don’t happen that way. Can Satan use that as a tool against that person to ever believe? That is my worry more than anything. Of course then, there will be those who DO hasten to the believe in Christ because they are warned that His return is now. But my personal belief is that the safest course of teaching is simply that, that His return is imminent and that all prophecy has been fullfilled that is required before the rapture of the church can take place.

Thank you for you widsom and knowledge of the Bible and it’s meanings. You have been a great help to me.


I think 1 Thes. 5:4 just means that we should recognize the signs leading up to the End Times. We shouldn’t be surprised to see them coming like unbelievers will be.

As for Satan preventing someone from being saved because of an incorrect prediction about Rapture timing, many believers have expressed a similar concern, but that’s impossible. God knew every person who would choose to be saved before any of us were born (Romans 8:29-30) and Jesus promised that He wouldn’t lose any of us
(John 6:39). This is an unjustified fear that gives too much power to Satan and too little to God.