What Does Deny Mean? Follow Up


Re: What Does Deny Mean? You made the comment that some English translations use the word “disown” in 2 Tim 2:12, but the Greek word is never translated that way, and it changes Paul’s meaning because to disown means to renounce or repudiate. When I looked it up in the online interlinear Bible, it is always translated ‘disown’. Now I’m confused.


The concordance I use is based on the Greek text from which the King James is translated. The Greek word “arneomai” (G720) appears 31 times in the New Testament. It’s translated “deny” 29 times and “refuse” 2 times. It is never translated “disown” nor is the word “disown” mentioned as a possible meaning. It’s interesting that your interlinear shows the same Greek word (G720) and although they say it means “disown”, in the English text they use it appears as “deny”.

More important, to disown something you have to first own it. The Bible is clear that once we “own” Jesus we can’t “disown” Him, and once He “owns” us He can’t “disown” us. Therefore to use the word “disown” in 2 Tim. 2:12 would create a contradiction in God’s word.