Denying God


My friend has accused me, and I admit I’m guilty as charged, of believing in the Hebrew God, Jesus and the Bible without considering every possible alternative god, theory, or ancient writing. He seems to think there any many Christian-like writings that preceded the Bible and therefore detract from its uniqueness.

I’ve tried to sum it all up for him with a bible based world view, and the need to be born again and sealed with the Holy spirit to be led to all truth but he thinks its a intellectual cop out. I don’t want to give up on him, but it may have to come to that point as everything is “yes, but …” for him. The one final thing I’m looking to provide for him is the uniqueness of Jesus. What He did that no one else or no other created entity or “god” could have done.


The Bible’s credibility is beyond dispute, supported by nearly 6000 years of predictive prophecy, wherein God described his actions in advance and then performed them.

Where Jesus is concerned, there are several hundred specific prophecies of His birth, death, ministry, and resurrection. All of them were a matter of public record at least 150 years before his birth, and some of them were nearly 1000 years old at the time of their fulfillment.

If you’re looking for something unique about Jesus, besides the obvious fact that He died for our sins, there it is. Such a claim can be made for no other man in history. Had He fulfilled only a handful of these prophecies He would have far exceeded the limits of probability that govern coincidence, but He fulfilled them all.