Did Abraham Start Islam?


I recently watched a TV documentary on Islam. They said that Abraham started that religion through his son Ishmael. From where do they get that? Is there anything in the Bible stating or implying it?


According to secular history Islam is a religion begun by the prophet Mohammed who lived from 570-632 AD. Prior to that the descendants of Ishmael were pagans who worshiped 360 different idols. Even so, some Moslems believe that Ishmael, as his oldest son, was Abraham’s rightful heir and began what would later become Islam. They say references in the Koran to “previous Scriptures” mean that the Old and New Testaments verify their claims. But if that’s the case then God stood by for over 2000 years and let the descendants of Ishmael worship their idols while demanding the Israelites remain true to Him alone. It doesn’t make sense.

The only reason this kind of nonsense gets publicity is that most people in authority either don’t know the truth, or if they do they’ve rejected it as being politically incorrect.