Did God Allow This?


I have known and heard about many marriages that didn’t make it. Two in particular were bathed in prayer and many attempts at reconciliation were attempted but didn’t work. I have been under the assumption that it was OK with God that those marriages split up due to the fact that the spouse who cheated wasn’t willing to stop and God knew it was better for the marriage to end. My question is….am I right? Are there some marriages that God will allow to split up because it is best?


God doesn’t “allow” marriages to end. In the cases above the continuing adultery of one party destroyed the relationship. Since adultery is the only acceptable reason for ending a marriage, this made the other party’s decision to end the marriage allowable in God’s view. But even adultery doesn’t require the end of a marriage. Had both parties been willing to reconcile and abide by the marriage covenant, He could have brought the healing necessary to restore the marriage. Reconciliation is always His objective.