Did God Approve This?


Did the Lord command the building of the Temple that will be built before or during the tribulation? Do you think Christians should financially support the building of that Temple? I recently read that the Lord did not sanction that Temple and maybe I shouldn’t be sending money there. I am a little confused, because in reading Ezekiel, when the Lord is giving all the measurements for the Temple, it seems to me that He does sanction it. Isn’t this the Temple where Jesus will come when He returns?


There’s no Biblical basis for thinking the so called Tribulation Temple spoken of in Daniel 9:27 and Rev. 11:1 is not sanctioned by God. An unsanctioned temple could not be made desolate (unfit for worship) because it never would have been holy in the first place, and in Rev. 11:1 the Bible calls it the Temple of God. For these reasons it’s safe to assume that the Lord will approve its construction.