Did God Create Evil?


Isaiah 45:7 speaks of God creating evil. How can this be so? Why would he do so anyway?


Here are some points to consider. First, the Bible is clear that God brings blessing upon those who love Him and and disaster upon those who don’t, which is one of the ways Isaiah 45:7 can be interpreted. And second, since He created both angels and men with the power to choose between good and evil, you could say that ultimately He’s responsible for the evil in the world.

But before Satan rebelled there was no evil, only the potential for such. After his rebellion he enticed mankind to rebel as well. In this way evil came into the world. In order for God to have prevented evil from ever entering into the Creation, all beings would have to have been created without the power of choice. Had that been the case, we would have had no alternative but to love God, which means our love would be of no value to Him. And then what would be the point of the creation? We don’t have anything else He wants.