Did Isaiah Have the USA In Mind?


I have been teaching the prophecy in Isaiah and when reading chapter 5 I could see us , the US, as the vineyard that was established to produce good fruit and we have, until recently. Now we kill the innocent, kick God out of public places etc. I now see chapter 5 as a warning to us and an explanation as to why our country is suffering. We no longer as a nation are producing what God intended for us to produce and as a result the woes are directed at us today. My question is , am I reading to much into this or is it possible this is a prophecy that applies to us and to any nation that fails to do what God established them to do?


Although the Lord clearly identified Israel as the vineyard in Isaiah 5:7, the similarity to the history of the US is unmistakable, and this is what I believe the Lord is showing you. It proves the old adage that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it. I don’t see any problem in pointing out this comparison as long as you don’t lose the historical meaning of the passage in the process.