Did Jesus Appear In The Old Testament?


Hi! I have found your site to be a great tool in my bible study. I love the way you back up your articles by quoting the chapter and verses in the bible, allowing a person to look them up and see for ourselves! I have a question. Can you point out some of the Old Testament “appearances” of Jesus Christ? Or am I misunderstanding something?


Be glad to. Generally speaking when you see the phrase “the angel of the Lord” (rather than “an angel of the Lord”) accompanied by a physical presence, you’re seeing an Old Testament appearance of Jesus. There are really too many to list here, but if you go to www.biblegateway.com, select keyword search from the left hand menu, and type “the angel of the Lord” into the search box, you’ll find several pages of references. As you read them, you’ll see that many are Old Testament appearances of Jesus Christ. You’ll know by the fact that He’s usually either accepting worship, forgiving sin, executing judgment, or speaking prophecy in these appearances.