Did Jesus Have A Belly Button?


We were kicking the thought around last night at Bible school about whether or not Jesus had a belly button or not. The theory is if His blood was mixed with Mary’s it would be tainted by sin and “not” perfect. So we were thinking He (Jesus) did not need a bellybutton what do you think. Sort of like Adam and Eve did not have them.


This is actually a deep theological question. How could Jesus have been born human in every sense and still be sin free as the writer to the Hebrews claimed (Hebr. 4:15)? I believe the answer can be found in an obscure portion of Exodus 20:5. In giving the 2nd Commandment the Lord said He’ll visit the sins of the fathers upon the children. I believe this is done through the inheritance of the sin nature. There’s no mention of the mother’s sins being inherited.

Jesus was born of a woman, and all women are sinners. Mary had a nine month pregnancy and delivered Jesus in the normal way. A child cannot live in his mother’s womb for 9 months without their circulatory systems being connected. Therefore the sin nature must pass through the generations in the male gene only. So, without an Earthly father Jesus had no sin nature, but with an Earthly mother He had to have had a belly button.