Did Jesus Offer A Second Chance After Death?


Thanks for your message. Please, keep up the good work! I just want to make a note about the question “Is there a second chance for salvation”. I don’t think that there is a “second chance” per say but I think that based on the scripture, individuals that have never heard the word of god during their lifetime will be judged by Jesus. (In effect given a second chance.) I am referring to the words of Jesus in John 5:24 through John 5:29.


Sorry, but I don’t think John 5:24-29 can be construed as a “second chance” for those who’ve died without ever hearing of Jesus. In John 5:25 Jesus explained that He would soon be going into Sheol, the abode of the dead, also called Paradise. He did this on the afternoon of His death. (Luke 23:43) Once there He spoke to the spirits of those who had died in faith of a coming redeemer, (1 Peter 4:6) telling them that their faith had saved them. When he came out of the grave three days later he brought them with Him. (Matt 27:53)

In John 5:28, He confirmed the validity of a prophecy from Daniel 12:2 “Multitudes who sleep in the dust of the earth will awake: some to everlasting life, others to shame and everlasting contempt.” He was referring to the resurrection of Israel’s faithful at the end of the Great Tribulation and of unbelievers at the end of the Millennium.

Romans 1:20 tells us that enough of God’s presence is revealed through the Creation to leave men without excuse. Matt 24: 14 says that the gospel will be preached in all the world before the end comes, and Hebrews 9:27 says that after death we face judgment. These and other passages lead me to conclude that every man who has ever lived has been exposed to enough information about God’s existence to make him responsible for his choices.