Did The Exodus Really Happen?


I love your site and agree with you on most all topics after research so I would love some help here. Someone questioned me on the validity of the exodus from Egypt and proof of it. I am having a hard time coming across any and would love some help. Did it really happen?


Some experts say there’s historical proof of the Exodus, while others disagree. But the 4000 year history of the Jewish people includes the Exodus. In the Bible, God has always considered it to be one of His greatest displays of power. He repeatedly called Himself, “The Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt.” This quote appears in Exodus 20:2, Leviticus 25:38, Deut, 5:6. Psalm 81:10.

In fact, the only thing that will surpass the greatness of this act of God will be when He gathers them from all the countries to which they’ve been scattered and restores them to the land He gave to their forefathers (Jeremiah 16:14).

Personally, I don’t see any reason to question the Biblical record. Aside from God’s word being at stake, it would have taken a conspiracy of monumental proportions to fabricate a story like that and have it survive. Passover, which memorializes the Exodus, is the world’s oldest continuously celebrated religious event, beginning in the lifetimes of those who experienced it. And finally, Jesus celebrated Passover, and was crucified on Passover to fulfill the prophecy of the Passover lamb.