Did The Rooster Crow Once Or Twice?


I have been given a challenge by a Christian brother to explain how Christ’s prophecy of Peter’s denials were fulfilled as prophesied without contradiction. When reading the account in the four gospels they seem to convey conflicting thoughts. Was the prophecy actually fulfilled as prophesied? Do the scriptures contradict themselves? Or did the tattletale rooster fail to do his part? Can you explain how the denials were fulfilled as prophesied without contradiction?


All four gospels agree that before the rooster crowed Peter had denied the Lord three times. Mark is the only gospel to say the rooster crowed twice. It helps to know that some early manuscripts of Mark don’t have the rooster crowing twice, either in the Lord’s prophecy or in Peter’s realization. But one time or two, it’s clear that Peter disowned the Lord three times before the rooster crowed his deadline, like the prophecy, said he would. And if that’s all you and your friend can find in the Bible to argue about, consider yourself blessed.