Disappearing Act


I have long believed what you are saying here too, that our bodies will vanish and be transformed. But I have also long wondered how those left on earth are going to explain it away that millions of people just vanished from the face of the earth, especially with there being so much information on rapture. If our bodies were left, as if all those who were raptured had just died, it would be much easier for the secular world to explain away the rapture and prevent panic, rebellion or whatever else, don’t you think? How do you THINK that the world can explain away the instantaneous disappearance of millions from the face of the earth, in a believable way?


I don’t think a satisfactory explanation will ever be found, and this is the reason that Rev. 13:6 says the anti-Christ will blaspheme God, slander His name and His dwelling place and those who live in Heaven. Why else would he be concerned with those who live in heaven? And it’s not God’s job to prevent panic on Earth. In fact just the opposite will be true during those days. Also, if no explanation other than the Rapture can be found it will just draw that many more to Him.

Of the various explanations I’ve heard that are already being prepared, the one I like the best is the New Age claim that we will have been taken off the planet because we weren’t prepared for the spiritual evolution that’s coming to bring the long awaited Utopian society. Another good one I’ve heard concerns mass alien abductions.

But I think the simple fact will be that the world leaders won’t be able to come up with an explanation they can sell and it will be a question that just won’t go away.