According to the great commission we are to make disciples of all nations, Christ doesn’t say to issue alter calls at Church. How do you square this up with so called easy-believism?


The word translated “nations” means every kind of people.  The word translated “make disciples” means to teach or instruct. Altar calls in Churches is just one part of the process. It doesn’t do people any good to come to the altar until they know why they’re coming.

Other ways in which this commandment is fulfilled include missionary work, Bible study, books, videos, TV, internet sites like this one where we have visitors from 190 countries, one on one conversations, etc.

Easy believism is a derogatory term used by people who insist it takes more than believing in the Lord’s completed work on the cross to be saved.

But Jesus himself said belief in Him is the only condition for salvation (John 3;16, John 5:24, John 6:28-29, John 6:40).