Hi, are distractions in prayer and reading the bible from the enemy? I’m feeling really discouraged and at times angry at how often I struggle to pray and read Gods word and when I try to all sorts of distractions arise such as demanding children, phone ringing, etc etc what can I do to help me stay on track thank you.


I recommend these things. First of all, find a quiet place and time.  Cutting environmental distractions to a minimum will help a lot.

Second, read James 4:7-8.  Submit your self to God. Having chosen a quiet time and place will make this easier. If necessary, get up before the kids do and before the phone starts ringing so you can devote all your attention to Him.

Resist the enemy.  In  the Lord’s name you have the right to rebuke him and command him to leave you alone.  It may take a few times, but he will get the idea.

Then draw near to God and He will draw near to you and you’ll have some time alone together.