Do Children Who Die Ever Have To Choose?


When a baby is not allowed to be born, either through miscarriage or abortion, or if they die before the age of accountability I understand they go to Heaven. My question is, do these children who never made a choice to follow God, have to make that decision at the end of the Millennium when Satan is loosed to tempt those who have never been tempted? I realize they are not in the flesh but neither were the fallen angels when they decided to follow Satan. The only person I know of in the Bible that never had to make a choice is John The Baptist when he received the Holy Spirit in the womb.


Children who die before the age of accountability, whether before or after their actual birth, belong to God. They don’t have to choose Him because they’ve always been His. I’m not familiar with any Biblical requirement that everyone has to be tempted. Many children ask the Lord to be their Savior before reaching the Age of Accountability. Besides, once we die the time for choosing is over (Hebrews 9:27).