Do Christians Celebrate Passover?


As Christians are we to celebrate Passover in like manner as the Jews, instead of Resurrection Sunday, so called Easter? Or is Passover for the Jews only?


Since Passover commemorates the Jews being freed from bondage in Egypt, it’s not necessary for Christians to celebrate it. But attending a Messianic Passover can be very instructive in seeing how the Lord fulfilled the prophetic promise of the Passover in His first coming. Just like the blood of the Passover Lamb saved the Jews from destruction and freed them from their bondage of slavery in Egypt, the blood of the Lamb of God saves us from destruction and frees us from our bondage of slavery to sin.

One interesting fact about Passover is that the following Sunday is the real Resurrection morning. Easter, the day we celebrate the resurrection, was originally a pagan holiday that’s connected to the Spring Solstice, not Passover. It was called the Feast of Ishtar, after the Babylonian goddess of fertility. That’s how colored eggs and rabbits became part of the Easter celebration.