Do We Need A New Covenant?


Since my husband broke our marriage covenant when he committed adultery, does this mean that we are no longer married before God? Since adultery is biblical grounds for divorce, does that mean our covenant remains broken until we create a new covenant? Or is the fact that we are reconciling renew the covenant?


There is nothing in Scripture that says adultery requires divorce, it only says adultery is legitimate grounds for divorce. Your covenant relationship is not dissolved unless you dissolve it.

The Lord’s preference in matters like this is always reconciliation. Having forgiven us for everything, He expects us to forgive each other as well (Matt. 18:33). If you and your husband are reconciling, there’s no need to create a new covenant. Some couples in your situation decide to renew their vows, but that’s a matter of personal preference, and is not a Biblical requirement. I’m sure I speak for many others in saying that I applaud your efforts at reconciliation and pray they’ll be successful.