Do You Ever Have Doubts?


I admire your knowledge and absolute faith and often find a great deal of comfort in your writings. But I have to ask….why do you believe….. do you ever have doubt? I think I believe, then I’ll read something, or watch an atheist/Christian debate on TV…and I become full of doubt. I long to be able to read/listen/watch these things and remain strong in my faith, but I always come away shaken and doubting. Thank you, I appreciate your site more than I can say.


When I became a believer the Lord instilled in me a passion for His word. I spent hours every day reading the Bible and listening to the recorded studies of teachers I trusted. I believe He was showing me the truth of Romans 10:17, “Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ.” After a relatively short period of time, I knew the Bible so well that my faith was strong. And since I had a particular interest in Old Testament prophecy, I knew beyond a doubt that God is who He claims to be, and Jesus did what He claims to have done.

But we are all human and are subject to spiritual attacks on our faith. Therefore, although I’ve been a believer for 30 years, I still will not watch anything on Christian TV or Youtube, or read any printed material unless I know before beginning that it’s the work of a competent born again believer who follows a literal interpretation of Scripture. Even King Solomon, with all his wisdom and personal experience with the Lord, was drawn off the path of righteousness by false teaching.