Does God Choose Our Leaders? Follow Up


I am writing in response to your answer to the question “Does God choose Our Leaders” (at least I believe that was the wording of the question). From your answer I am getting the feeling that you do not believe that God is in total control of everything!! Could you please clear this up for me.


I believe the Bible argues convincingly against the idea that God is in total control of everything and I’m planning to address that in an upcoming feature article. But for now I’ll confine myself to the election of our leaders.

Recently, I read a comment from a man who said he believes the holder of every public office from the local dogcatcher to the president is personally selected by God. Then he said he views his vote as a prayer that God will select His candidate.

Do you see the problem here? According to Isaiah 46:9-10 God knows the end from the beginning. So if God personally selects every leader, He already knows which candidate He will select and our vote is meaningless. And since the office holder is always the person who received the most votes, then God must have already made sure that enough votes will be cast for His candidate to make him or her the winner. If that’s the case then what does it matter who we vote for or even if we vote because the outcome has already been decided. In my opinion, the whole theory is flawed.

In Biblical times the people sought God’s will through the High Priest. There was no popular vote. The only time God selected a candidate for office and gave people the right to vote, they rejected His Son (Psalm 2:1-6). Soon He will present His Son again and this time there won’t be a vote.

In the meantime I believe voting is a patriotic duty that only involves religion to the extent that the religious convictions of the candidates become the distinguishing factor between them. Voting is an opportunity to express our opinion about Earthly issues that is practically unique in the world. And in spite of the best efforts of politicians throughout our history, our vote still counts, if only a little.