Does Gomer Refer To Germany In Ezekiel 38?


Regarding Ezekiel 38, I can see how most of the nations mentioned are ready to attack Israel, but if the attack took place tomorrow, Gomer (Germany) would not likely join… Any ideas as to what may change this situation?


First of all, the fulfillment of Ezekiel 38 is still several years away, as I see it. A few things have to happen first, to put Israel into a peaceful and unsuspecting state of mind. (Ezekiel 38:11)

Second, Gomer was a son of Japeth and brother to Magog. He inhabited the Rhine and Danube valleys, and can be associated with Eastern Europe of today. As you know there is a substantial Moslem population in that region and this is what I think Ezekiel was referring to. The common denominator of the coalition against Israel is their religion, Islam. Gomer’s son Ashkenaz is most likely the father of the German people. In Israel, Jews from Germany are called the Ashkenazi.