Does Grace Have Limits?

Q. I’ve just read your articles and have learned many new spiritual insight into end-time.

The recent up-roar regarding Tibet (Buddhist or Taoist believers) seems to have attracted all walks of life to stage a protest, including Christian in USA, Europe, etc. I’m not sure what is the definition of “Human Rights” but I do know that the Bible aspires us to do good, protect the weak and provide justice to the defenseless. In the case of Tibet, almost the whole of Western world reacted.

I grew up in a Muslim country and have seen much worse injustice but the Western world, and sad to mention that even the Christians, remain silent.

As a born again Christian, what is the right thing that we should do or react to such situation? Has grace a limitation?

A. I believe that Christians should be concerned for human rights where ever and when ever they’re violated. I say this because I think that’s the way God feels. Jesus certainly didn’t discriminate between Jews and Gentiles, nor between believers and unbelievers. He always showed compassion toward the oppressed, whatever their state.

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