Does He Know Who He Is?


My question is whether the anti Christ realizes that he is the anti Christ. Do you think it possible this man at any time made a deal with the devil for power even if short lived? Thanks again so much for all your help with the Scriptures.


My guess, and it’s only a guess, is that the anti-Christ won’t know what he’s being groomed for at the beginning. He’ll be wildly popular and successful at everything he does and will feel like anything he wants can be his. For a time he’ll believe that he’s just a very lucky person. Then his pride will convince him that he’s really something special and deserves to succeed at everything. Then he’ll become convinced that God has chosen him to lead mankind. Finally he’ll actually become convinced that he is God, the new Messiah. It won’t be until the end that he’ll realize that the one he thought was God is really Satan but by then it’ll be too late. He’ll have been deluded just like almost everyone else on Earth.